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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
2:48 pm
I did think I'd have a reason to update this

Why'd you have to do that? Just beacuse I poked fun at your nappy whore!?
Why'd you have to go there... beyond apologies. You went where I cant forgive you now. Fuck! I was on your side, I wanted peace, and for my son to have a father. But you just HAD to fuck it all up, to protect your bitch. Ha, maybe thats what you wanted, for me to push you away, clearly you had no intentions on being a father. Not to this baby anyway... your probably already working on a baby with her. To be honest, I really hope you are, and marry the bitch too...
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
10:44 pm
What was I thinking!
All my poems are in here! I cant delete this journal!
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
4:47 pm
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
10:27 pm
More Lyrics!!!!

Girl I'm in love with you
This ain't the honeymoon
Past the infatuation phase
Right in the thick of love
At times we get sick of love
It seems like we argue everyday.

I know I misbehave
And you made your mistakes
And we both still got room left to grow
And though love sometimes hurts
I still put you first
And we'll make this thing work
But I think we should take it slow

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow )
This time we'll take it slow (Take it slow )
This time we'll take it slow

This ain't a movie no
No fairy tale conclusion ya'll
It gets more confusing everyday
Sometimes it's heaven sent
We head back to hell again
We kiss and we make up on the way

I hang up you call
We rise and we fall
And we feel like just walking away
But as our love advances
We take second chances
Though it's not a fantasy
I Still want you to stay

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow )
This time we'll take it slow (Take it slow )
This time we'll take it slow

Take it slow
Maybe we'll live and learn
Maybe we'll crash and burn
Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave,
maybe you'll return
Maybe you'll never find
Maybe we won't survive
But maybe we'll grow
We never know baby youuuu and I

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go(hey)
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Heyyy)
We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow )
This time we'll take it slow (Take it slow )
This time we'll take it slow
take it sloww
take it slow
this time we'll take it slow
Friday, June 10th, 2005
4:59 pm
I advocate writing how you feel in your own shit (LJ). Express yourself. Show how you feel in your backgrounds, your entry's even your icon's. But know this... be prepared to face the consequences of pissing people off. You might not be able to bounce back.

Current Mood: sympathetic
Monday, June 6th, 2005
11:59 am
Eh.... Loser #2
Okay... so Im guilty too. I dont ALWAYS think before I let my feelings loose. Im not always tactful. I think about lost romance too much. It doesn't make sence. It hurts... I guess its okay for me to feel sad about it, but, ITS OVER. Its been over for a while now. Our past romance is irrelavant... We're not even friends anymore. Im scared, I want your attention, I need your help, but, I don't want your pitty. I miss not hating you. I want to talk without walking on eggshells. I want to like you again. I need to trust you again, but Im not sure if you care enough to earn my trust back. I want to see you smile, I want to smile back. Sometimes I think I'd like to be your friend. Though, I admit... I dont want to see you build something with her after I've invested so much in you. I guess I still love you. DAMMIT! Im still so jealous, so weak, so pathetic.

Current Mood: indescribable
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
6:26 pm
How am I doing? Fucking Miserable. Devestated. Alone. Scared.
But you don't care, if you did I'd know it.
Life is short. Too short for me to lie to myself. Too short for me to claim that I dont hold a place in my heart just for you. Life is also too short for me to waist time kicking a dead horse. My feelings will fade. That place in my heart will be filled by the best of you (our child). You..... do what you want. Work really hard at being a "daddy" to your "little girl"..... Chanti. After all how can our baby compete with a whore like that. If thats what you want, If thats how you like it, What I have to offer you, will never make you happy. I was the first to call you daddy.... because it actually MEANT something to me (something more than twisted dominatrix role play). But, I see now, you dont want the responsibility of a WOMAN, a little girl suits you. I wanted so much more than THIS.

Current Mood: bitchy
Friday, May 27th, 2005
9:45 pm
Cant stop
"Cant Stop"

I cut through your shell
Im under your skin
In the stories you tell
Im where you begin
I make you weak
Just by being a friend
In the words that you speak
Im where you end
You shut me out
Avoid speaking my name
But, without a doubt
Im still in your brain
You want it to be through
When its only begun
You're my disease too
Aswell, I wish it were done
How can this be?
What steps will we take?
I love what's in me
But, did we make a mistake?
You feel so burned out
I feel it kick
My patience is thin
But, my belly is thick
Something bigger than us
will arrive in short time
And, nothing can change that
Not even a rhyme
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
1:55 am
Lop sided contractions are aiding my insomnia. I can't sleep like that. I dont think I can make it 2 more months. If this ginormous baby filled bubble gets any bigger Im going to die.
Man... then again Im not sure if I want it out... Im scared to have another kid on my own. I cant even imagine what its gonna be like.

I need pot.
Why did I quit smoking pot?
I want weed so bad I could just eat a plate full of it!

Current Mood: tired
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
11:37 pm
My moment in the sun
Ha! ...Who woulda thought ME to be the least bit vain? I actually considered myself quite the opposite up until recently. I thought I had low self esteem, and all those other fantastic traits that come with the depressed, scorned woman package. But, to my surprise... IM FUCKING SELF ABSORBED!

Not to say that currently I think I'm hot shit or anything. Actually it just occured to me that I was only shiting myself in the past when I thought things could get no worse. Because they HAVE.

See... Before I was just in pain and heart-ache, but at least people listened to my bitchy sob stories ... Now I still have pain, but no one gives a shit!

Thusly, the fact that I've noticed the lack of attention makes me self centered!

Sooo... since no one is paying attention.


Current Mood: shocked
Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
6:43 pm
My tragedy
I have really got to get this off my chest.
A bunch of hateful, sinful feelings that I must confess.
The anger toward two people who have caused me so much stress.
And seem to live in bliss while they make my life a mess.

The first, a girl, who was my friend. How could she devastate me?
Well now I know, She’s not my friend... This bitch must fucking hate me!

It hurts because I loved her so..... her back I would defend.
But I would not have been such a fool if I knew that she'd pretend.
She's lucky she was not around to see me off into the deep end.
When I read her LJ "Tee hee, I'm doing ex with Sprout this weekend"

Now, Sprout was my boyfriend. The reason why I rise.
None of you could imagine how this caught me by surprise.
I never knew that what we shared would come to this demise.
I listened to all his I love yous... not knowing they were lies.

At the time, he and my son, were really all I had.
Not to mention we had just found out I'd soon make him a dad.
I was supposed to be his woman. He was supposed to be my man.
Yet he was acting shady, and wouldn't help me with a plan.

The fact that he neglected me, left me so unsure.
Of course, I had no idea of things yet to occur.
The times I had spent loving him, he had his eye on her.
I cried for days; and for those days my vision was a blur.

I shared a home with both of them, we all had made a deal.
But, in time I was homeless, for they had left me with the bill.
I was left to pay the debt, these shoes I could not fill.
This man I loved, and friend I had. To me its so unreal.

To think, I thought that at one point these two people loved me.
The first one pulled me to the ground, the other fucking shoved me.
How could she stab me in the back? How’d he put her above me?
While I’m the one who’s losing sleep, their lives are fucking lovely.

Neither of them knows what it means to sacrifice.
And, every day they never learn, is a fucked up day in life.
The many days I’ve plotted how I’d make them pay their price
Then, I shove it all inside, deciding to play nice.

After all why should I let this get me so upset?
There’s no point in wishing for things I may never get
At least I‘ve learned the unsuspected still can be a threat.
All that’s left to do is pray to God that I‘ll forget.

Still, I know the day will come when his baby will arrive.
Despite the days I’ve spent in fear that it may not survive.
A big fuck you, to both of you who made it hard to thrive.
How does a baby grow inside a mom who’s not alive???
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
1:02 pm
Tomato babies
I remember…
When everything was almost…
I could say things were close to… together.
Things were growing in my back yard.
What wouldn’t I give for another taste of my ignorance?
What is the price I must pay for that bliss?

You’ve eaten my garden.
Stripped me from anything that I had that was good.
You already had my innocence.
You stole my heart.
Just like it were a tomato from the garden.
Couldn’t you have stopped there?

Why nothing?
Why? Not even allowed YOU to suffer with me!

Left me so hurt.

Forced to open my eyes, as though it were
My first time seeing the light.

The tiny hand, and little voice that needed me.
Things I had almost let you push away.
My eyes are open.
You may have left.

I was sightless in your arms, letting you guide me to this.
When I had sworn you had taken it all.
He still needed me, wanted me, loved me.
Ah ha! What’s this?
Indeed, you were sloppy.
Leaving something behind for me.
Something of yours.
Moving inside of me.

More tiny hands, another little voice.
The only things worth loving, or fighting for.
They kill the “almost”.
They are the bliss without the ignorance.
Together. Where the leader can lead.
And the followers wear no blindfolds.
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
6:42 pm
Revenge killer

You kill for

That is because you have lost something or
someone you held very dear. Now you can't seem
to get over the loss that marked your soul, and
the only solution is to go after the one person
who brought all this pain to you. Chances are
you are angry inside and you bottle everything
up and don't talk to anyone about it. People
may want to help, but you think that they can
never understand your pain and only get
frustrated because of this. But it is important
to see all that you have left and be thankful
of that even if you have lost something great.
It may not be true that Times heals all wounds,
but with time and talking about your feelings,
maybe the hurt will ease.

Main weapon: Yourself
Quote: "You can close your eyes to
reality but not to memories" -Stainslaw J.
Facial expression: Gritted teeth and
teary eyes

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
brought to you by Quizilla
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
5:10 pm
I thought I'd try a haiku.
When will you embrace
the pain that you have caused me?
How will I let go?

Where does my peace live?
Did I put it in your hands?
Will you give it back?

Who do I run from?
Could it be I fear myself?
Perhaps peace is here.

I'm never alone.
The pain will make me stronger.
The eye is on you.
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
7:44 am
7:15 am
mmmm.... tasty music
Jude — "I Know" Lyrics

You’ve got such a pretty smile
It’s a shame the things you hide behind it
Let ’em go
Give it up for a while
Let ’em free and we will both go find it

I know there’s nowhere you can hide it
I know the feeling of alone
I know that you do not feel invited
But, come back, come back in from the cold

Tell me how you really feel
Tell me what is on the inside of you
All the somethings you conceal
Only keep away the ones who love you

Step away then from the edge
Your best friend is life is not your mirror
Back away, come
back away, come
back away, come
back away...
I am here and I will be forever and ever

I know there’s nowhere you can hide it
I know the feeling of alone
Trust me and don’t keep that on the inside
Soon you’ll be locked out on your own

You’re not alone
You’re not alone
And don’t say you’ve never been told
I’ll be with you ’til we grow old
’til I’m in the ground and I’m cold
I’m not sitting up here on some throne
Like a dog you can always come home
Dig up a bone
Look around
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
10:22 pm
Cry me a river
I cried one for you...

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
5:09 pm
It can't be sunshine all the time,
Because, we are made of clay.
The rain molds us.
Our souls are sparked from lightening.
Thunder is the sound of a broken heart's beat.

If there were sunshine all the time,
We wouldn't love a sunny day.
The wind moves us.
Change in motion can be frightening.
Pain falls like leaves, from branches, to feet.

Say "thank you" to the sun sometime.
We have a debt to pay.
The warmth holds us;
Like arms around us, tightening.
Bitter clouds pass, to remind us of what's sweet.
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
3:31 pm
Action In Deadly Seas (AIDS)
A simple action, but a complex disease.
Spreds like fire. Grows like tall trees.
We jump in. Its up to our knees.

When the lights are dim. We take a swim.
Shes feellin' you, but you're feelin' him.
Whos knees were up when you jumped in?

Not even ignorance. Just stupidity's slave.
To think you'd walk away unscathed.
Should've tested the water, before riding waves.

So many before you stood on these beaches.
She tasted like vanilla peaches.
Absorbed your life, like hungry leaches.

The minister preaches. You see what God sees.
Fire is now a holocaust. A forrest full of trees.
Just a simple action. Such a complex disease.
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
10:32 pm
Some people
Some people live their boring lives,
Then they spice it up when they talk about it.
Some people would like me to think their grass is greener than mine.
Some people wanna convince me that they HATE me, Then why did you give me that look?
Some people are just stupid.
One thing I know for sure, more than just some people will be shocked to see the outcome of this saga.
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